Wondrous Winter Wildlife

Join us on January 29th at 11:00am!

Western New York has a temperate climate typified by long, cold winters. What do the wild creatures that live here do when temperatures drop and food is sparse? Local organisms have a variety of fascinating adaptations for surviving our harsh winters. Each species experiences the world differently, and many have capacities that are far different from our own.
Join us for Wondrous Winter Wildlife. Program participants will explore the winter survival strategies of local creatures, and learn how to observe the landscape for clues of animal activity. They will also be introduced to the art and science of nature journaling, and using library resources to identify and research local wildlife.

The Lakewood Memorial Library’s newest staff member, Melanie Smith will lead this program Melanie has a background in the natural sciences. She teaches a variety of biology, earth, and environmental science courses at JCC, and is involved with several local environmental stewardship initiatives.

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29 January 2022
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