Sky at Stake – Virtual Gallery

Join us on August 13th at 5:00 pm for a Virtual Gallery tour with the artist, Jennalyn Speer!

Zoom MeetingTime: Aug 13, 2020 05:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)
Meeting ID: 227 348 8009
Passcode: 2zh7vC

In the words of the artist herself:

“I paint birds, but I don’t just paint birds. Because it’s impossible to *just* paint birds. Birds are embedded in nature and all that nature consists of in the same way that humans are embedded in nature and dependent on nature and all that nature consists of. I paint birds to highlight our shared dependency on earth’s interconnections. Things are often studied or spoken about in isolated, disconnected ways and I believe this is harmful. When we embrace interconnection, we open doors to finding cures for diseases, inventions to help people, and solutions to complex problems precisely because this mindset allows those problems to maintain their complexity. Ecosystems function as webs of overlapping relationships. You never can do just one thing.

I highlight ecological ideas in my art such as keystone species, mutualisms, neotropical migration, habitat loss/protection, and global warming.  I also paint birds and the interconnections they maintain within nature because their existence unites humanity: they are accessible to all. Everyone on earth can look at the sky and see birds. They are reminders of the cyclic nature of existence and poignantly illustrate themes of journeying, wayfinding, vulnerability, freedom, and unlikely triumph.

Rachel Carson, author of Silent Spring, the pivotal publication that helped ban the use of the devastating chemical DDT, is inspiration for my approach to artmaking. Like Carson, I aim to interpret scientific data and complex ecological principles in an accessible, even poetic way.”