Modern Classics of Children’s Literature

Please join us every Wednesday at 4:00pm for a chapter-by-chapter reading of modern classics of children’s literature. This program is designed for children in grades 1+. Multiple copies of titles will be available for checkout from LML for those children who want to read along while listening. (Watch the library’s website or Facebook page for details.)
Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Clearly will be our first book. Writing and art activities for each chapter will be available below. Children will be able to upload their writing/art projects to the library’s website so that others can see them.
Please join us!!


Chapter 1

  • Draw a picture of Ramona in her bunny ears.
  • What was your favorite book when you were little?  Why did you like it?  Draw a picture of the book and write why you like it.

Chapter 2

  • Draw a picture of an imaginary animal.
  • Do you think it’s OK for brothers and sisters to fight?  Why?  Write your ideas down.

Chapter 3

  • Do you think it was OK for Ramona to put Ribsy in the bathroom?  How do you think he got locked in?  Write your ideas down.
  • In chapter 1, Beezus says she is “exasperated” with Ramona.  She says it again in this chapter.  “Exasperated” means angry and frustrated.  Is Beezus right to think this way?  Why? Write your ideas down. Or draw a picture of a time when Ramona was exasperating.

Chapter 4

  • Draw a picture of Ramona eating the apples.
  • What do you think about the family’s plan not to say anything to Ramona about the apples? Was it a good idea or a bad idea?  Why do you think so? Write your ideas down.

Chapter 5

  • Draw a picture that shows how Mrs. Quimby looked when all the children arrived for the party.
  • Why do you think Ramona told the kids that the Fig Newtons had worms in them?  Write your ideas down.

Chapter 6

  • Draw a picture of one of the cakes Ramona ruined.
  • What did Beezus learn about sisters from listening to her mom and Aunt Beatrice talk about what happened when they were kids?  Write your ideas down.

And Finally

  • Do you think Beezus still thinks Ramona is exasperating?  Why?  Write your ideas down.
  • Draw a picture of your favorite part of the book.  Write about the picture.

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Dr. Nancy Padak is the Vice President of the Lakewood Memorial Library Board of Trustees. She is a Distinguished Professor of Education, Emerita, from Kent State University in Ohio. She directed KSU’s Reading and Writing Center and taught in the area of literacy education. She was the Principal Investigator for the Ohio Literacy Resource Center, which has provided support for adult and family literacy programs since 1993. She was also a classroom teacher and district administrator. She is an active researcher, author, and consultant and has served in a variety of professional leadership roles.

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