Lakewood Memorial Library has established rules of conduct and guidelines to protect the rights and safety of all Library visitors and staff and to preserve the Library’s materials, equipment, facilities, and grounds.  Staff will enforce these rules in a fair and reasonable
manner in order to make the Library a clean, safe, comfortable place for everyone.
-Treat staff and other library users with courtesy and dignity.
-Refrain from behavior or speech that could be distracting, disturbing or offensive to other library users.
-Speak quietly and keep any conversations short.
-Treat library materials, furniture, and equipment with respect.
-Parents or care-givers must supervise their children in the library and take responsibility for their behavior. Young children should at
all times be under close visual supervision and not disturbing other library users.

The Library Board sets policies. The Library Director supervises implementation of policies and procedures. Any suggested changes to either should be brought to the Director for consideration and approval before implementation.

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