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Library Update from the Board

Dear Lakewood Library friends and neighbors,

What is going on with the library?

As many of you know, in February when the library roof was piled high with ice and snow, it sprung a leak. Actually, several leaks.

We quickly called ServPro to the rescue. They removed all 26,000 books plus thousands more DVDs and other materials and put them into safe storage. They sealed the building and piped in superheated air for more than a week to thoroughly dry our wooden ceiling and fabric carpet.

But that was just the beginning. The library now seems to be dry. (Although a couple of small leaks appeared after the drying process was completed, they were quickly mopped up.)

However, the cause of the leakage and the extent of repairs necessary to fix the damage and make sure we never have another event like this are questions that have involved many experts. Three different roofing companies inspected the roof and each came up with a completely different explanation. Each different explanation leads to a different remediation scenario.

Last week, we called in a structural engineer to provide an unbiased, expert assessment of the situation. We expect that report any day.

How long will it be closed?

We will not know the answer to that until we and our insurance company and our contractor review the structural engineer’s report. The first priority is to make sure the roof is fixed, once and for all, whatever that may entail. Once we’re sure the building is secure from future leaks, we can address any other major repairs that might be required, such as replacing the carpet. The last step in the process will be bringing back all our books and reshelving them — no small task in itself.

We thank all of our patrons for their patience as we work through this long and complicated process.

The story continues and we will continue to keep you all updated!

-The Board of Trustees