Library Staff Review – Such a Fun Age

This appeared to be another easy read at first – easy on the surface that quickly proves you can’t judge a book by its cover OR by its first chapters. She observes, with skill, the “race, class, privilege” issues along with the social media minefield we now navigate. In a world where privacy is a shrinking commodity – Kiley Reid gives us a dose of spot-on humor in her debut. While it’s true you never know what someone has been through, or is currently going through, we sure do weave some tangled webs! 

Jodi – Assistant Director

“A complex, layered page-turner…This is a book that will read, I suspect, quite differently to various audiences—funny to some, deeply uncomfortable and shamefully recognizable to others—but whatever the experience, I urge you to read Such a Fun Age. Let its empathetic approach to even the ickiest characters stir you, allow yourself to share Emira’s millennial anxieties about adulting, take joy in the innocence of Briar’s still-unmarred personhood, and rejoice that Kiley Reid is only just getting started.” —NPR