Library Staff Review – And the Dark Sacred Night

Julia Glass is an amazing storyteller. Her novels are full of insightfull descriptions of her characters’ lives. I was almost halfway through this story when I realized it was a sequel, of sorts, to Three Junes that I’d read for a long ago bookclub! I was stunned at how deftly Glass caught me right between the eyes with an “Aha!” moment of connectiong the dots (or more accurately the CHARACTERS!) in both books, making it all the more absorbing. A chance to see some closure to the sadness in Three Junes, to see that it didn’t all end with Malachy and that’s all I’m going to tell you here.

I wouldn’t exactly call this a ‘family saga”, though it spans three plus generations and touches on the fourth. It’s a gorgeous tale of how interconnected and convoluted families are – through single-parenthood, marriage, divorce and especially friendships. A book that kept me reading far too late into the night and well past my alloted half hour lunch breaks. You needn’t read Three Junes first though I suspect you’ll want to look for it after finishing this one!

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Jodi – Assistant Director