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James Vincent Art Exhibition

James Vincent Art Exhibition

We would like to welcome James Vincent to the Gallery for the month of August!

In the Artist’s own words:
“In my paintings, it all begins with how I see things. I look at people and places with the concept of creating a work of art every place I go.  Putting together a composition comes next; sometimes I use a grid so that my shapes are proportionately accurate or I draw minus the grid.  I like to do paintings of people and places, with emphasis on light and shadows, especially with reference to how it reacts to the human form inorganic objects. I have been known to put people in different scenarios. I paint in acrylic, on either stretched canvas or some type of gesso board. My drawings include illustrations (which I have incorporated into my three published children’s books and portrait drawings.)  I like to draw in either pencil, charcoal or soft-pastel pencils.  The subjects in my independent drawings include real people that have posed in the context of a photo shoot.  The black and white drawings are also done using my photographs of live models and usually a single source of natural light. I draw them on black paper using soft white pastel pencils and the size various but is usually about  8 1/2’ x 11” with exceptions. Finally, my photographs can be of anything or anybody, depending on what I feel is ‘image’ worthy!”

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