Chapter by Chapter

Please join us every Wednesday at 4 p.m. for a chapter-by-chapter reading of modern classics of children’s literature. This program is designed for children in grades 1+. Multiple copies of titles will be available for checkout from Lakewood Memorial Library for those children who want to read along while listening.

The next Chapter-by-Chapter session begins at 4 p.m. on April 21. We will be reading Charlotte’s Web, first published in 1952, a best-beloved children’s book. It tells the story of Fern, a little girl, Wilbur, a pig, and his best friend Charlotte, a spider. With the help of Templeton, the rat, Charlotte saves Wilbur’s life. Copies of the novel are available for checkout at the library.

All sessions are recorded and available for the week following the sessions, so children who miss a session can catch up.

Chapters 1-3
Talk or write: Why did dad give Wilbur to Fern?
Why did dad make Fern sell Wilbur to Uncle Homer?
Draw: Draw a picture of Fern and Wilbur doing something from the story.

Chapters 4-6
Talk or write: Why did Wilbur and Charlotte become friends?
Wilbur has feelings like people do. Do you think animals really have feelings like people? Why?
Draw: Draw Charlotte in her web.

Chapters 7-9
Talk or write: Which of the barn animals would you like to have as a friend? Why?
Draw: Draw a picture of your favorite animal.

Chapters 10-12
Talk or write: Are you more like Fern or Avery when it comes to animals. Why?
Draw: Draw a picture of people looking at Charlotte’s web.

Chapters 13-15
Talk or write: Templeton isn’t very friendly. Why did he help find words for the web?
Do you think the stories Charlotte tells about her cousins are true? Why?
Draw: Draw a picture of Charlotte’s cousin fighting the fish.
Draw a picture of Wilbur looking radiant.

Chapters 16-18
Talk or write: What do you think is going to happen at the fair? Why?
Do you think Wilbur should be worried about Uncle the pig? Why?
Draw: Draw a picture of the truck with Wilbur in his crate.

Chapters 19-22
Talk or write: Is Charlotte a hero? Why? Is Templeton a hero? Why?
Who is your favorite character in the book? Why do you like him or her?
What is your favorite part of the story? Why do you like it?
Draw: Draw a picture of Wilbur and Charlotte talking for the last time.
Draw a picture of Wilbur watching Charlotte’s babies ballooning away.

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Dr. Nancy Padak is the Vice President of the Lakewood Memorial Library Board of Trustees. She is a Distinguished Professor of Education, Emerita, from Kent State University in Ohio. She directed KSU’s Reading and Writing Center and taught in the area of literacy education. She was the Principal Investigator for the Ohio Literacy Resource Center, which has provided support for adult and family literacy programs since 1993. She was also a classroom teacher and district administrator. She is an active researcher, author, and consultant and has served in a variety of professional leadership roles.

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