April is for Authors!

The Lakewood Memorial Library Reading Challenge for the month of April is
here! We invite children to read books by two beloved children’s authors, Barbara
Park and Kate DiCamillo.
Barbara Park is the author of the wildly popular Junie B. Jones series. Junie B., an
outrageously funny kindergartner, has been keeping kids (and their parents)
laughing—and reading—for more than two decades. Barbara also wrote several
award-winning middle grade novels and bestselling picture books.
Kate DiCamillo has been winning awards since her first book, Because of Winn
Dixie. She has also written several successful chapter book series, including the
Mercy Watson books, which follow the adventures of the exuberant toast-loving
pig Mercy Watson. 
Books by these two authors will be prominently displayed in the library beginning
on April 1.

Here are a few activities to do after you have read one of the Reading Challenge books. Take (or
email) your writing or drawing to the library. We might display your writing
or drawing for others to see. You might win a prize!

If you read a Junie B. book or a Mercy Watson book:
 Draw a picture of your favorite part of the book. Then write about why you like it.
 Would you like to have Junie B. as a friend? Why? Write your ideas down.
 Would you like to have Mercy as a pet? Why? Write your ideas down.

For other books:
 Favorite character: Who is your favorite character? Why do you like him or her? Draw
a picture of your character.
 Draw a map that shows the setting of your book.
 Make a list of the three most important things that happened in your book. Tell why
each was important. Draw a picture of the most important thing.

Happy reading!